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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Cheap Trick

Shows: 3977
Earliest: Jun 28, 1973
Latest: May 23, 2024
Next Show: Fri Jul 26,2024 at California Mid-state Fair Grounds in Paso Robles, CA
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[WikiPedia] Cheap Trick is an American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1973 by guitarist Rick Nielsen, bassist Tom Petersson, lead vocalist Robin Zander and drummer Bun E. Carlos. The current lineup of the band consists of Zander, Nielsen and Petersson. Their work bridged elements of '60s guitar pop, hard rock, and punk rock, and would help set the template for subsequent power pop artists. Cheap Trick released their self-titled debut album in 1977 and, later that year, found success in Japan with the release of their second album, In Color. 1978's Heaven Tonight included the power pop classic "Surrender". The band achieved mainstream popularity in the United States in 1979 with the triple-platinum live album At Budokan and a Top 10 single, a live recording of "I Want You to Want Me". They followed with Dream Police (1979), their most commercially successful studio album, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart. After struggling with declining popularity and lineup changes in the 1980s, Cheap Trick experienced a major resurgence toward the end of the decade when they topped the US charts with the power ballad "The Flame". The band has continued releasing new music into the 21st century and maintains a constant touring schedule, having performed live more than 5,000 times since their formation. Cheap Trick have sold more than 20 million albums and built a dedicated cult following. Their influence has been cited by a diverse range of rock artists from both the mainstream and underground. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.
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