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Sat, Jun 22, 2024

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Jul 25
Quiet Riot, Vince Neil at Bobcat of York Grandstand Stage in York, PA, USA
Quiet Riot 40 Years of Metal Health
  1. Run for Cover
  2. Slick Black Cadillac
  3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Slade Cover)
  4. Love's a Bitch
  5. Thunderbird
  6. The Wild and the Young (with bass solo)
  7. Let's Get Crazy (with guitar solo)
  8. Cum On Feel the Noize (Slade Cover)
  9. Metal Health (Bang Your Head)
Vince Neil
  1. Dr. Feelgood (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  2. Shout at the Devil (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  3. Looks That Kill (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  4. You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)
  5. Home Sweet Home (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  6. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  7. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  8. Smokin' in the Boys Room (Brownsville Station Cover)
  9. Live Wire (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  10. Whole Lotta Love (Band on vocals) (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  11. Kickstart My Heart (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  12. Girls, Girls, Girls (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  13. Wild Side (Mötley Crüe Cover)