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Fri, Dec 1, 2023

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Jun 7
In Flames, Nightwish at Plateia Nerou in Piraeus, Greece
In Flames Foregone
NOTE: First concert with Liam Wilson on bass.
  1. The Beginning of All Things That Will End
  2. The Great Deceiver
  3. Where the Dead Ships Dwell (Tour debut)
  4. Leeches (Tour debut)
  5. Everything's Gone (Tour debut)
  6. Pinball Map
  7. The End (Tour debut)
  8. Behind Space
  9. Cloud Connected
  10. Only for the Weak
  11. Call My Name (Tour debut)
  12. State of Slow Decay
  13. Alias
  14. The Mirror's Truth (Tour debut)
  15. I Am Above
  16. Take This Life
Nightwish Human. :||: Nature. World Tour
  1. Music (Percussion Intro)
  2. Noise
  3. Storytime
  4. Tribal
  5. Élan
  6. Dark Chest of Wonders
  7. How's the Heart?
  8. I Want My Tears Back
  9. Sahara
  10. Nemo
  11. Sleeping Sun
  12. Shoemaker
  13. Last Ride of the Day
  14. Ghost Love Score
  15. The Greatest Show on Earth
  16. All the Works of Nature Which Adorn the World: Ⅷ. Ad Astra (Floor sang The vocal parts)