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Mon, May 27, 2024

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Apr 14
Jon Anderson at The Plaza Theatre in Orlando, FL, USA
Jon Anderson Jon Anderson of Yes w/Paul Green Rock Academy
Set 1:
  1. Sun Is Calling…
  2. Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes Cover)
  3. I've Seen All Good People (Yes Cover)
  4. WDMCF
  5. Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz Cover)
  6. Long Distance Runaround (Yes Cover)
  7. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (Yes Cover)
  8. Makes Me Happy
  9. Mood for a Day (Yes Cover)
  10. And You and I (Yes Cover)
  11. Heart of the Sunrise (Yes Cover)
Set 2:
  1. Starship Trooper (Yes Cover)
  2. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  3. Don't Kill the Whale (Yes Cover)
  4. Screw
  5. America (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)
  6. Close to the Edge (Yes Cover)
  7. Soon (Yes Cover)
  1. Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes Cover)
  2. Roundabout (Yes Cover)