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Tue, Jun 6, 2023

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Sep 24
Cage the Elephant, Taking Back Sunday, The Killers at The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway in Dover, DE, USA
Cage the Elephant
NOTE: Webcast live by Mandolin
  1. Broken Boy
  2. Cry Baby
  3. Spiderhead
  4. Cold Cold Cold
  5. Ready to Let Go
  6. Social Cues
  7. Tokyo Smoke
  8. Mess Around
  9. Trouble
  10. Skin and Bones
  11. Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
  12. House of Glass
  13. Come a Little Closer
  14. Shake Me Down
  15. Cigarette Daydreams
  16. Teeth
Taking Back Sunday
NOTE: Webcast live by Mandolin
  1. What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?
  2. A Decade Under the Influence
  3. Error: Operator
  4. Tidal Wave
  5. Liar (It Takes One to Know One)
  6. Timberwolves at New Jersey
  7. Flicker, Fade
  8. You Can't Look Back
  9. My Name Is Jonas (Weezer Cover)
  10. Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team)
  11. MakeDamnSure
The Killers
NOTE: Webcast live by Mandolin
  1. Dying Breed
  2. Spaceman
  3. Somebody Told Me
  4. Human
  5. The Way It Was
  6. Shot at the Night
  7. Smile Like You Mean It
  8. For Reasons Unknown (with fan from crowd, Caden, on drums)
  9. A Dustland Fairytale
  10. Cody
  11. Bling (Confession of a King)
  12. Runaways
  13. Read My Mind
  14. All These Things That I've Done
  15. Caution
  16. Mr. Brightside
  1. The Man
  2. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
  3. When You Were Young