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Sun, May 29, 2022

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May 28
Nightwish at Valova in Vantaa, Southern Finland, Finland
Nightwish Human. :||: Nature. World Tour
NOTE: "An Evening with Nightwish in a Virtual World" livestream event, Night 1/2 . First concert with Jukka Koskinen as session bass player.
  1. Music (Partly)
  2. Noise (Live debut)
  3. Planet Hell (First performance since 2013. Floor on vocals)
  4. Tribal (Live debut)
  5. Élan
  6. Storytime (First performance since 2016)
  7. She Is My Sin (First performance since 2016)
  8. Harvest (Live debut)
  9. 7 Days to the Wolves (First performance since 2016)
  10. I Want My Tears Back
  11. Bless the Child (First performance since 2016)
  12. Nemo
  13. How's the Heart? (Acoustic version, Floor and Troy only into full band.)
  14. Shoemaker (Live debut)
  15. Last Ride of the Day
  16. Ghost Love Score
  17. The Greatest Show on Earth (Chapter I: Four Point Six; Chapter II: Life; Chapter III: The Toolmaker)
  18. All the Works of Nature Which Adorn the World: Ⅷ. Ad Astra (Floor sang her vocal parts live)