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Tue, Jan 25, 2022

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Sep 11
Lacuna Coil at Alcatraz in Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Lacuna Coil
NOTE: Live Streaming on A-LIVE
  1. Anima Nera
  2. Sword of Anger
  3. Save Me
  4. Now or Never (Live debut)
  5. Reckless
  6. Through the Flames (Live debut)
  7. Apocalypse (Live debut)
  8. Black Feathers (Live debut)
  9. Under the Surface (Live debut)
  10. The End Is All I Can See (Live debut)
  11. Veneficium
  12. Black Dried Up Heart (Live debut)
  13. Bad Things (Live debut)
  14. Layers of Time
  15. Black Anima (Live debut)
  1. Save Me (Cristina solo, with Silvia Zanaboni on piano)