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Sun, Jun 26, 2022

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Feb 28
BulletBoys, Extreme, King's X, Pat Travers Band, Queensrÿche, The Quireboys at MS Mariner of the Seas in Miami, FL, USA
BulletBoys No Tour Assigned
no setlist available
  1. Decadence Dance
  2. It ('s a Monster)
  3. Rest in Peace
  4. Play With Me
  5. Hole Hearted
  6. Midnight Express
  7. Cupid's Dead
  8. Am I Ever Gonna Change
  9. More Than Words
  10. Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee
  11. Get the Funk Out
  12. We Are the Champions (Queen Cover)
King's X No Tour Assigned
  1. Groove Machine
  2. The World Around Me
  3. Flies and Blue Skies
  4. Vegetable
  5. Pray
  6. Black Flag
  7. Lost in Germany
  8. A Box
  9. Over My Head
  10. Dogman
  11. We Were Born to Be Loved
Pat Travers Band
  1. Crash and Burn
  2. Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) (Little Walter Cover)
  3. Snortin' Whiskey
  4. Sing, Sing, Sing (Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang Cover)
Queensrÿche No Tour Assigned
  1. Launder the Conscience
  2. Blood of the Levant
  3. I Am I
  4. Man the Machine
  5. Queen of the Reich
  6. Walk in the Shadows
  7. Take Hold of the Flame
  8. Silent Lucidity
  9. Jet City Woman
  10. Empire
  11. Eyes of a Stranger (with Anarchy-X outro)
The Quireboys
  1. I Love This Dirty Town
  2. Misled
  3. There She Goes Again
  4. Mona Lisa Smiled
  5. Hello
  6. Whippin' Boy
  7. Roses & Rings
  8. This Is Rock 'n' Roll
  9. Tramps and Thieves
  10. Hey You
  11. Sweet Mary Ann
  12. I Don't Love You Anymore
  13. 7 O'Clock (w/ Taime Downe)