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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

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Apr 10
The Replacements at Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR, USA
The Replacements Back by Unpopular Demand
  1. Takin a Ride
  2. Favorite Thing
  3. Hangin Downtown
  4. Whole Foods Blues (Song debut-there's a Whole Foods near the venue)
  5. Hangin Downtown (Reprise)
  6. I Don't Know / Buck Hill / I Don't Know
  7. I'm in Trouble
  8. Kissin' in Action (with Tommy playing Black Sabbath Iron Man intro at the end)
  9. Little Mascara
  10. Green Acres (Dave Minehan singing the parts of Eva Gabor) (Eddie Albert Cover)
  11. Talent Show / Portland / Nowhere Is My Home
  12. I Will Dare
  13. 20th Century Boy / Get It On / All Shook Down (20th Century, sung by Dave Minehan, and Bang a Gong are T-Rex covers)
  14. Anywhere's Better Than Here
  15. White and Lazy
  16. I'll Be You
  17. Sixteen Blue
  18. The Ledge
  19. Achin' to Be
  20. Within Your Reach
  21. Can't Hardly Wait
  22. Bastards of Young
  23. My Boy Lollipop (snippet) (Barbie Gaye Cover)
  1. Skyway (Paul solo on acoustic guitar)
  2. If Only You Were Lonely (full band, Paul on acoustic)
  3. Left of the Dial
  4. Alex Chilton
Encore 2
  1. I.O.U.