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Sun, Aug 1, 2021

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Apr 18
AFI, The Cult, The Replacements at Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA, USA
  1. The Leaving Song Pt. II
  2. Girl's Not Grey
  3. I Hope You Suffer
  4. A Single Second
  5. Love Like Winter
  6. Medicate
  7. 17 Crimes
  8. Beautiful Thieves
  9. The Days of the Phoenix
  10. Silver and Cold
  11. Miss Murder
The Cult No Tour Assigned
  1. The Witch
  2. Sweet Soul Sister
  3. Rain
  4. Horse Nation
  5. Spiritwalker
  6. Lucifer
  7. The Phoenix
  8. Wild Flower
  9. She Sells Sanctuary
The Replacements Reunion Tour
NOTE: Billie Joe Armstrong came out after Another Girl, Another Planet and played guitar for the remainder of show while taking over the vocals for a few songs with Paul laying down on a couch on stage.
  1. I Will Dare
  2. Nowhere Is My Home
  3. Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones Cover)
  4. I'm in Trouble (with Billie Joe Armstrong)
  5. Kiss Me on the Bus (with Billie Joe Armstrong)
  6. Achin' to Be (with Billie Joe Armstrong)
  7. Color Me Impressed (with Billie Joe Armstrong)
  8. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
  9. I'll Be You
  10. Bastards of Young
  11. I Don't Know
  12. Psychopharmacology (Paul Westerberg Cover)
  13. Left of the Dial
  14. Alex Chilton
  1. Can't Hardly Wait
  2. I.O.U.