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Jun 21
Blind Guardian, Death Angel, Dio, Europe, KISS, Michael Schenker Group, Obituary, Saxon, Tesla, Tigertailz at Kobetamendi in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain
Blind Guardian A Twist In The Myth Tour
  1. War Of Wrath
  2. Into the Storm
  3. Born in a Mourning Hall
  4. Nightfall
  5. The Script for My Requiem
  6. Fly
  7. Valhalla
  8. Bright Eyes
  9. Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
  10. Lord of the Rings
  11. Imaginations From the Other Side
  12. The Bard's Song - In the Forest
  13. Mirror Mirror
Death Angel
  1. Lord of Hate
  2. Evil Priest
  3. Buried Alive
  4. Dethroned
  5. Bored
  6. Soulless
  7. The Ultra-Violence / Seemingly Endless Time
  8. Thrown to the Wolves
Dio European Tour 2008
NOTE: Although Ronnie James Dio performed several more concerts with "Heaven & Hell" in 2008 and 2009, this was his last performance with the "Dio" band before his death on May 16, 2010.
  1. Holy Diver
  2. Killing the Dragon
  3. Don't Talk to Strangers
  4. Drum Solo
  5. Sacred Heart
  6. Rainbow in the Dark
  7. The Temple of the King (1st verse and chorus only) (Rainbow Cover)
  8. Kill the King (Rainbow Cover)
  9. Guitar Solo
  10. Rock 'n' Roll Children
  11. Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow Cover)
  12. Catch the Rainbow (Rainbow Cover)
  13. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (Rainbow Cover)
Europe Secret Society Tour
  1. Love Is Not the Enemy
  2. Always the Pretenders
  3. Superstitious
  4. Let the Children Play
  5. Seven Doors Hotel
  6. Sign of the Times
  7. Carrie (Acoustic)
  8. Memories
  9. Scream of Anger
  10. Guitar Solo
  11. Girl From Lebanon
  12. Start from the Dark
  13. Yesterday's News
  14. Rock the Night
  1. Cherokee
  2. The Final Countdown
KISS Alive/35
  1. Deuce
  2. Strutter
  3. Got to Choose
  4. Hotter Than Hell
  5. Nothin' to Lose
  6. C'mon and Love Me
  7. Parasite
  8. She
  9. Guitar Solo
  10. 100,000 Years
  11. Drum Solo
  12. Cold Gin
  13. Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll
  14. Black Diamond (With "Stairway to Heaven" (Led Zeppelin) snippet by Paul Stanley as intro)
  15. Rock and Roll All Nite
  1. Shout It Out Loud
  2. Lick It Up (With "Won't Get Fooled Again" (The Who) guitar snippet)
  3. Bass Solo
  4. I Love It Loud
  5. I Was Made for Lovin' You
  6. Love Gun
  7. Detroit Rock City
  8. God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II
Michael Schenker Group In the Midst of Beauty
no setlist available
no setlist available
Saxon Inner Sanctum Tour 2008
  1. Atila the Hun
  2. Motorcycle Man
  3. Let Me Feel Your Power
  4. To Hell and Back Again
  5. Dogs of War
  6. Strong Arm of the Law
  7. Heavy Metal Thunder
  8. Crusader
  9. Wheels of Steel
  10. Princess of the Night
  11. Denim and Leather
  12. Ashes to Ashes
  13. And the Bands Played On
Tesla Forever More Tour
  1. Cumin' Atcha Live
  2. Into the Now
  3. Gettin' Better
  4. Little Suzi (Ph.D. Cover)
  5. Signs (Five Man Electrical Band Cover)
  6. Love Song
  7. Hang Tough
  8. Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
  9. Edison's Medicine (Man Out of Time)
  10. Modern Day Cowboy
no setlist available