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Thu, Aug 18, 2022

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Jul 6
Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Queensrÿche at Agora du Vieux-Port in Quebec City, QC, Canada
Dream Theater Escape From The Studio
  1. A Clockwork Orange
  2. Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper
  3. Act I: Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy
  4. 2112 Part VII: Grand Finale (Rush Cover)
  5. The Glass Prison
  6. Act II: Scene Six: Home
  7. Erotomania
  8. Voices
  9. The Silent Man
  10. Learning to Live
  1. Act II: Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On (with Queensrÿche)
  2. Real World (with Queensrÿche) (Queensrÿche Cover)
  3. Won't Get Fooled Again (with Queensrÿche) (The Who Cover)
  4. Singin' In the Rain (Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown Cover)
Fates Warning 2003 Summer US Tour
  1. One
  2. Life in Still Water
  3. Point of View
  4. Still Remains
  5. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part III
  6. Monument
Queensrÿche Tribe
  1. Open
  2. My Global Mind
  3. NM 156
  4. Screaming in Digital
  5. I Am I
  6. Damaged
  7. Empire
  8. Jet City Woman
  9. Silent Lucidity
  10. I Remember Now
  11. Anarchy-X
  12. Revolution Calling
  13. Speak
  14. Eyes of a Stranger
  15. Desert Dance
  16. Best I Can
  1. Act II: Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On (with Dream Theater) (Dream Theater Cover)
  2. Real World (with Dream Theater)
  3. Won't Get Fooled Again (with Dream Theater) (The Who Cover)