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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

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Jun 11
Poison, Skid Row, Vince Neil at Meadows Music Theatre in Hartford, CT, USA
Poison Harder, Louder, Faster
  1. Intro
  2. Look What the Cat Dragged In
  3. Squeeze Box (The Who Cover)
  4. Ride the Wind
  5. I Won't Forget You
  6. Your Mama Don't Dance (Loggins & Messina Cover)
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. I Hate Every Bone in Your Body but Mine
  9. Something to Believe In
  10. Stand
  11. Fallen Angel
  12. Drum Solo
  13. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  14. Unskinny Bop
  15. Talk Dirty to Me
  16. Rock and Roll All Nite (KISS Cover)
  1. Nothin' but a Good Time
Skid Row Thickskin
  1. Slave to the Grind
  2. Piece of Me
  3. New Generation
  4. Monkey Business
  5. 18 and Life
  6. Psycho Therapy (Ramones Cover)
  7. I Remember You
  8. Thick Is the Skin
  9. Youth Gone Wild
Vince Neil Harder, Louder, Faster
  1. Intro
  2. Shout at the Devil (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  3. All in the Name Of... (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  4. Too Young to Fall in Love (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  5. Girls, Girls, Girls (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  6. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  7. Home Sweet Home (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  8. Wild Side (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  9. You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)
  10. Looks That Kill (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  11. Dr. Feelgood (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  1. Teaser (Tommy Bolin Cover)
  2. Kickstart My Heart (Mötley Crüe Cover)