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Fri, Dec 9, 2022

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Jan 17
Sting at Mozartsaal Im Rosengarten in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Sting Mercury Falling 1996/97
  1. The Hounds of Winter
  2. I Hung My Head
  3. I Was Brought to My Senses
  4. Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot
  5. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
  6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police Cover)
  7. Seven Days
  8. Mad About You
  9. You Still Touch Me
  10. Fields of Gold
  11. I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying
  12. Synchronicity II (The Police Cover)
  13. Roxanne (The Police Cover)
  14. Bring On the Night (The Police Cover)
  15. When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around (The Police Cover)
  16. Demolition Man (The Police Cover)
  17. Englishman in New York
  1. If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
  2. Every Breath You Take (The Police Cover)
  3. Lithium Sunset
Encore 2
  1. Fragile