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Tue, Jun 18, 2024

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May 15
Sleater‐Kinney at The Tuning Fork in Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Sleater‐Kinney Little Rope
NOTE: Get Up, A New Wave, Modern Girl and Jumpers were on the printed setlist but were skipped due to Carrie losing her voice.
  1. Hell
  2. Needlessly Wild
  3. Bury Our Friends
  4. The Center Won't Hold
  5. Small Finds
  6. The Future Is Here
  7. All Hands on the Bad One
  8. Hunt You Down
  9. Start Together
  10. Hurry On Home
  11. Don’t Feel Right
  12. The Fox
  13. Dress Yourself
  14. One More Hour
  15. Untidy Creature
  16. Say It Like You Mean It
  17. Dig Me Out