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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

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May 5
Armored Saint, Queensrÿche at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC, USA
Armored Saint
NOTE: Vocalist John Bush was having issues with the health of his voice, so the band was unable to perform at this show.
no setlist available
Queensrÿche The Origins Tour
NOTE: Due to Armored Saint not playing because John Bush was sick, they played an additional song from their normal tour set.
  1. Walk (Pantera Cover)
Queensrÿche EP
  1. Queen of the Reich
  2. Nightrider
  3. Blinded
  4. The Lady Wore Black
The Warning
  1. Warning
  2. En Force
  3. Deliverance
  4. No Sanctuary
  5. NM 156
  6. Take Hold of the Flame
  7. Before the Storm
  8. Child of Fire
  9. Roads to Madness
  1. Prophecy
  2. Screaming in Digital
  3. Empire