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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

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May 5
Billy Idol, Dinosaur Jr., Foo Fighters, The Struts at Central Park in Atlanta, GA, USA
Billy Idol
  1. Dancing With Myself (Generation X Cover)
  2. Cradle of Love
  3. Flesh for Fantasy
  4. Cage
  5. Eyes Without a Face
  6. Mony Mony (Tommy James & the Shondells Cover)
  7. White Wedding
  8. Blue Highway
  9. Rebel Yell
  10. Hot in the City
Dinosaur Jr.
  1. Mountain Man
  2. In a Jar
  3. Garden
  4. Little Fury Things
  5. Feel the Pain
  6. Out There
  7. Been There All the Time
  8. Just Like Heaven (The Cure Cover)
  9. Start Choppin
  10. The Wagon
  11. Freak Scene
  12. Forget the Swan
  13. Chunks (Last Rights Cover)
Foo Fighters Everything or Nothing at All
NOTE: "Monkey Wrench" was paused during the bridge for Dave to talk about a fan dressed up as Evil Knievel and to tell a Nirvana story
  1. All My Life
  2. No Son of Mine
  3. Rescued
  4. The Pretender
  5. Times Like These (Dave and Rami into full band)
  6. La Dee Da
  7. Breakout
  8. Medicine at Midnight
  9. Walk
  10. Guitar Solo / Sabotage / Keyboard Solo / Blitzkrieg Bop / Whip It / March of the Pigs
  11. My Hero (Dave solo into full band)
  12. The Sky Is a Neighborhood ("Stairway to Heaven" snippet mid-song when the band paused the show for a crowd incident)
  13. Learn to Fly
  14. These Days
  15. Shame Shame
  16. Monkey Wrench (with Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” snippet)
  17. Aurora (dedicated to Taylor Hawkins)
  18. Best of You
  19. The Teacher
  20. Everlong
The Struts
  1. Primadonna Like Me
  2. Body Talks
  3. Fallin' With Me
  4. Too Good at Raising Hell
  5. Kiss This
  6. Royals (Lorde Cover)
  7. Dirty Sexy Money
  8. Pretty Vicious
  9. I Won’t Run
  10. Put Your Money on Me
  11. Could Have Been Me