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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

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Mar 30
The Hives at Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, England, UK
The Hives The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons
  1. Bogus Operandi
  2. Main Offender
  3. Take Back the Toys
  4. Two Kinds of Trouble
  5. Rigor Mortis Radio
  6. Walk Idiot Walk
  7. Good Samaritan
  8. Go Right Ahead
  9. Stick Up
  10. Hate to Say I Told You So
  11. Trapdoor Solution (Played outro to Hate To Say I Told You So again)
  12. I'm Alive
  13. Bigger Hole to Fill
  14. Die, All Right!
  15. Won't Be Long
  16. Try It Again
  17. Countdown to Shutdown
  1. Come On!
  2. Smoke & Mirrors
  3. Tick Tick Boom (Played the outro to Hate To Say I Told You So a third time)