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Wed, Jun 19, 2024

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Feb 23
Big Head Todd and the Monsters at Knight Theater in Charlotte, NC, USA
Big Head Todd and the Mon... Winter Tour 2024
  1. My New Number One
  2. Resignation Superman
  3. Kensington Line
  4. Black Beehive
  5. Hidden Charms (Willie Dixon Cover)
  6. Please Don't Tell Her
  7. Her Way Out
  8. Ellis Island
  9. Dirty Juice
  10. Don't Kill Me Tonight
  11. Brandy (Looking Glass Cover)
  12. Long Coal Train
  13. It's Alright (includes snippet of "Let's Get It On")
  14. Blues for Annie
  15. New World Arisin'
  16. Turn the Light Out
  17. Bittersweet
  18. Boom Boom (opened with snippet of "Boogie Chillen'") (John Lee Hooker Cover)
  19. Circle
  1. Vincent of Jersey
  2. Broken Hearted Savior
  3. You Wreck Me (Tom Petty Cover)