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Tue, May 28, 2024

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Feb 14
Enter Shikari at O2 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, England, UK
Enter Shikari A Kiss For The Whole World: UK & EU 2024
NOTE: First chords of "The Sights” were teased after "Gap in the Fence" but the song was aborted and not played.
  1. System... (Spoken word)
  2. ...Meltdown
  3. Live Outside (Restarted twice due to being in the wrong key)
  4. Giant Pacific Octopus (i don't know you anymore)
  5. Anaesthetist (Reso Remix outro)
  6. Torn Apart
  7. Interlude
  8. Jailbreak (Extended intro with Rou on trumpet)
  9. Bloodshot
  10. Sssnakepit (Arcade game intro)
  11. goldfĭsh ~ (Remix outro)
  12. The Jester (Partial)
  13. Losing My Grip (with Jason Aalon Butler)
  14. T.I.N.A. (Rou solo, Tour debut)
  15. Juggernauts (Rou solo, shortened)
  16. Gap in the Fence (Rou solo into full band, 2024 Remix outro)
  17. Stand Your Ground; This Is Ancient Land
  18. Enter Shikari
  19. Mothership
  20. Solidarity
  21. It Hurts
  22. satellites* *
  23. { The Dreamer's Hotel }
  1. (pls) set me on fire (Tour debut)
  2. Sorry, You're Not a Winner (Original version into the Pendulum Remix)
  3. A Kiss for the Whole World x