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Sat, Jun 22, 2024

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Jan 14
Bring Me the Horizon at The OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Bring Me the Horizon NX_GN WRLD TOUR
  1. Eve Intro
  2. DArkSide
  3. Empire (Let Them Sing)
  5. Teardrops
  6. AmEN!
  7. Kool-Aid
  8. The Best Is Yet to Come (Aoife NĂ­ Fhearraigh Cover)
  9. Shadow Moses
  10. Obey
  11. DiE4u
  12. Itch for the Cure (When Will We Be Free?)
  13. Kingslayer
  14. sTraNgeRs (acoustic)
  15. Diamonds Aren't Forever
  16. YOUtopia / Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd / liMOusIne / a bullet w/ my namE On / R.i.p / n/A (snippets from 'Post Human: NeX GEn' album; audience vocals recorded for "n/A")
  17. Parasite Eve (followed by a show pause for crowd issue)
  18. Antivist (followed by a show pause for crowd issue) (with Noah Sebastian)
  19. Drown
  20. Can You Feel My Heart
  1. Overture: At The Earths Curve (footage from various music videos/live performances of the band throughout the years) (Simon Dobson Cover)
  2. Doomed
  3. LosT
  4. Throne
  5. Steal Something.