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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

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Oct 21
5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, blink‐182, Goldfinger, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Less Than Jake, Lit, New Found Glory, Pierce the Veil, Rise Against, Simple Plan, Sum 41, The Offspring, Thirty Seconds to Mars at Las Vegas Festival Grounds in Las Vegas, NV, USA
5 Seconds of Summer
  1. She Looks So Perfect
  2. 2011
  3. If Walls Could Talk
  4. She's Kinda Hot
  5. Amnesia
  6. Don't Stop
  7. End Up Here (First time live since 2017; Dice song)
  8. Teeth
  9. Jet Black Heart
  10. Youngblood
All Time Low
  1. Weightless (Preceeded by "Dear Maria, Count Me In" tease)
  2. Lost in Stereo
  3. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
  4. New Religion (with Teddy Swims)
  5. Fake as Hell (with Avril Lavigne)
  6. Sk8er Boi (with Avril Lavigne) (Avril Lavigne Cover)
  7. Sleepwalking
  8. Monsters
  9. Dear Maria, Count Me In
  10. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Whitney Houston Cover)
blink‐182 World Tour 2023/2024
  1. Also sprach Zarathustra, op. 30 (Richard Strauss Cover)
  2. Anthem Part Two
  3. The Rock Show
  4. Family Reunion
  5. Feeling This
  6. Violence (Travis played blindfolded)
  7. Up All Night
  8. Dumpweed
  10. EDGING
  12. Aliens Exist
  13. Happy Holidays, You Bastard
  14. Happy Holidays, You Bastard (Played a second time sped up)
  15. Stay Together for the Kids
  16. Always
  17. Down
  18. Bored to Death
  19. I Miss You
  20. What's My Age Again?
  21. First Date
  22. All the Small Things
  23. Dammit
NOTE: With some of Reel Big Fish's horn section
  1. Spokesman
  2. Counting the Days
  3. Get Up
  4. Here in Your Bedroom
  5. Story of My Life (Social Distortion Cover)
  6. I'll Be There for You (Snippet) (The Rembrandts Cover)
  7. Open Your Eyes
  8. Song 2 (Blur Cover)
  9. Superman (with Tony Hawk)
  10. 99 Red Balloons (Nena Cover)
Good Charlotte
NOTE: First show since June 29, 2019
  1. The Anthem
  2. Girls & Boys
  3. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
  4. Little Things
  5. Hold On
  6. The River
  7. Dance Floor Anthem
  8. I Just Wanna Live
  9. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
Green Day
  1. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen Cover)
  2. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones Cover)
  3. lntro Theme (Interpolations of "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," "Blitzkrieg Bop," and "We Will Rock You”)
  4. American Idiot
  5. Jesus of Suburbia
  6. Holiday
  7. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  8. Know Your Enemy (Fan brought onstage to sing bridge)
  9. Longview
  10. Burnout
  11. Hitchin' a Ride (With a snippet of "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath)
  12. The American Dream Is Killing Me
  13. Brain Stew
  14. St. Jimmy
  15. 21 Guns
  16. Minority
  17. Tequila (Partial) (The Champs Cover)
  18. Knowledge (With fans playing guitar and tambourine) (Operation Ivy Cover)
  19. Basket Case
  20. She
  21. When I Come Around
  22. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  23. Homecoming
  24. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
Less Than Jake
  1. Gainesville Rock City
  2. The High Cost of Low Living
  3. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
  4. Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
  5. The Science of Selling Yourself Short (With Johnny and Matt from Reel Big Fish on trumpet and sax)
  6. Look What Happened
  7. My Very Own Flag
  8. Last One Out of Liberty City
NOTE: Setlist incomplete
  1. Kicked Off the Plane
  2. Four
  3. Over My Head
  4. Zip-Lock
  5. Mouth Shut
  6. The Life That I Got
  7. Miserable
  8. My Own Worst Enemy
New Found Glory
NOTE: With Dan O'Connor (Four Year Strong) and Dave Knox (Real Friends) on guitar in place of Chad Gilbert
  1. All Downhill From Here
  2. Understatement
  3. Hit or Miss
  4. Head On Collision
  5. Failure's Not Flattering
  6. Dressed to Kill
  7. Let It Go (Kristen Anderson‐Lopez & Robert Lopez Cover)
  8. My Friends Over You
Pierce the Veil Creative Control
  1. El Rey (Vicente Fernández Cover)
  2. Pass the Nirvana
  3. A Match Into Water
  4. Emergency Contact
  5. Hold On Till May
  6. Caraphernelia
  7. King for a Day
Rise Against
  1. Ready to Fall
  2. Re-Education (Through Labor)
  3. Satellite
  4. Paper Wings
  5. Prayer of the Refugee
  6. Swing Life Away (with William Ryan Key)
  7. Savior
Simple Plan
  1. Star Wars Theme (Intro)
  2. I'd Do Anything
  3. Shut Up!
  4. Jump
  5. Addicted
  6. Welcome to My Life
  7. Iconic (with Jax)
  8. All Star / Sk8er Boi / Mr. Brightside
  9. What's New Scooby Doo?
  10. Where I Belong
  11. I'm Just a Kid (Stage diving from Chuck. Mike Herrera (MxPx) and Jaret Reddick (BFS) joined on stage.)
  12. Perfect (Acoustic from intro until end of 1st chorus)
Sum 41
  1. Introduction to Destruction
  2. Motivation (88 outro)
  3. The Hell Song
  4. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
  5. We're All to Blame
  6. We Will Rock You (Queen Cover)
  7. In Too Deep
  8. Fat Lip
  9. Still Waiting
The Offspring Let the Bad Times Roll Tour
  1. The Kids Aren't Alright
  2. All I Want
  3. Come Out and Play
  4. Want You Bad
  5. Bad Habit
  6. Why Don't You Get a Job?
  7. (Can't Get My) Head Around You
  8. Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)
  9. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
  10. Self Esteem
Thirty Seconds to Mars
NOTE: ‘From Yesterday’ and ‘A Beautiful Lie’ were on the setlist before ‘The Kill’ but were not played.
  1. Countdown Intro (Contains elements of 'This Is War,' 'Kings and Queens,' 'The Kill (Bury Me),' and 'Walk On Water)
  2. Up in the Air (extended bridge)
  3. Kings and Queens
  4. This Is War (with Tim McIlrath)
  5. Attack
  6. Closer to the Edge (Jared went into the crowd)
  7. Stuck
  8. The Kill (Bury Me) (Fans on stage)