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Thu, May 23, 2024

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Sep 27
Steven Wilson at EartH in Hackney, England, UK
Steven Wilson The Harmony Codex (Promo)
NOTE: Album playback followed by live set with Niko Tsonev on guitar. Rotem Wilson guested to provide narration on The Harmony Codex which also had an extended intro.
The Harmony Codex (Album Playback)
  1. Inclination (Album Playback)
  2. What Life Brings (Album Playback)
  3. Economies of Scale (Album Playback)
  4. Impossible Tightrope (Album Playback)
  5. Rock Bottom (Album Playback)
  6. Beautiful Scarecrow (Album Playback)
  7. The Harmony Codex (Album Playback)
  8. Time Is Running Out (Album Playback)
  9. Actual Brutal Facts (Album Playback)
  10. Staircase (Album Playback)
Live Set
  1. The Harmony Codex (Live debut) (with Niko Tsonev)
  2. King Ghost (Live debut) (with Niko Tsonev)
  3. Economies of Scale (Live debut) (with Niko Tsonev)
  4. Actual Brutal Facts (Live debut) (with Niko Tsonev)