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Thu, Feb 22, 2024

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Sep 23
Blackberry Smoke, The Doobie Brothers at Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach, CA, USA
Blackberry Smoke Blackberry Smoke: Live in Concert
  1. You Hear Georgia
  2. Payback's a Bitch
  3. Let It Burn
  4. Hey Delilah
  5. Sleeping Dogs
  6. Ain't Got the Blues
  7. Run Away From It All
  8. Dig a Hole
  9. One Horse Town
  10. Old Scarecrow
  11. Ain't Much Left of Me
The Doobie Brothers 50th Anniversary Tour
NOTE: Setlist incomplete and out of order
  1. Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) (Kim Weston Cover)
  2. Clear as the Driven Snow
  3. What a Fool Believes (Kenny Loggins Cover)
  4. Takin' It to the Streets
  5. Intro
  6. Intro
  7. Intro
  8. Intro
  9. Intro
  10. Intro
  11. Intro
  12. Intro
  13. Intro