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Tue, May 28, 2024

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Sep 21
The Dictators at Sala Upload in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
The Dictators
  1. New York, New York (Manitoba's Wild Kingdom Cover)
  2. Avenue A
  3. The Minnesota Strip
  4. Weekend
  5. The Savage Beat
  6. It's Alright
  7. The Next Big Thing
  8. Dominance and Submission (Blue Ă–yster Cult Cover)
  9. Pussy and Money
  10. What Goes On (The Velvet Underground Cover)
  11. Who Will Save Rock and Roll?
  12. Let's Get the Band Back Together
  13. Faster and Louder
  14. Stay With Me
  15. The Moon Upstairs (Mott the Hoople Cover)