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Sun, Apr 14, 2024

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Sep 16
Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall at The Palladium Outdoors in Worcester, MA, USA
Hatebreed 20 Years of Brutality
NOTE: Nuclear Blast Records stage
  1. Tear It Down
  2. Straight to Your Face
  3. Looking Down the Barrel of Today
  4. A Lesson Lived Is a Lesson Learned
  5. Destroy Everything
  6. Doomsayer
  7. Perseverance
  8. Live for This
  9. To the Threshold
  10. Voice of Contention
  11. This Is Now
  12. Smash Your Enemies
  13. Beholder of Justice
  14. Facing What Consumes You
  15. Everyone Bleeds Now
  16. Last Breath (Dedicated to Trevor Strnad)
  17. I Will Be Heard
Lamb of God The Omens Tour
NOTE: Metal Blade Records stage
  1. Memento Mori
  2. Ruin
  3. Walk With Me in Hell
  4. Resurrection Man
  5. Ditch
  6. Now You've Got Something to Die For
  7. Contractor
  8. Omens
  9. Blacken the Cursed Sun
  10. 11th Hour
  11. Desolation (With Straight For the Sun Drum intro)
  12. 512
  13. Laid to Rest (With Joe Bad of Fit For An Autopsy)
  14. Redneck
Shadows Fall
NOTE: Metal Blade Records stage
  1. Thoughts Without Words
  2. Enlightened by the Cold
  3. Destroyer of Senses
  4. My Demise
  5. Of One Blood
  6. King of Nothing
  7. Fleshold
  8. Fire From the Sky
  9. The Power of I and I
  10. The Light That Blinds