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Mon, Feb 26, 2024

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Sep 8
Black Stone Cherry, Coal Chamber, Danzig, Motionless in White, Slipknot, Testament at Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA, USA
Black Stone Cherry
  1. Wild Thing (Tone‐Lōc Cover)
  2. Screamin' at the Sky
  3. Rain Man
  4. White Trash Millionaire
  5. Stir It Up (The Wailers Cover)
  6. Me and Mary Jane
  7. Nervous
  8. Blame It on the Boom Boom
  9. Lonely Train (with ''30 Seconds Of Death Metal'' bridge)
Coal Chamber The Psychotherapy Sessions
  1. Halloween Theme - Main Title (John Carpenter Cover)
  2. Loco
  3. Fiend
  4. Big Truck
  5. Rowboat (Flood Cover)
  6. Drove
  7. Dark Days
  8. Oddity
  9. Another Nail in the Coffin
  10. Something Told Me
  11. Sway
Danzig Danzig 35th Anniversary Tour
  1. Twist of Cain
  2. She Rides
  3. Mother
  4. Am I Demon
  5. Mother
Motionless in White
  1. Sign of Life
  2. Thoughts & Prayers
  3. Scoring the End of the World
  4. Slaughterhouse (Call and response intro) (with David Benites)
  5. Headache (extended bass intro)
  6. Werewolf (with ''Undead Ahead / Thriller'' mash-up intro; stopped and restarted due to injury in crowd)
  7. Masterpiece
  8. Soft
  9. Another Life
  10. Eternally Yours (Chris said this is the last time they would play this song for a while.)
  11. Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears Cover)
Slipknot The End, So Far
NOTE: This was the last official set of the main festival of Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023, due to its sudden abrupt cancellation on Saturday. Shortened due to weather emergency.
  1. Let's Dance (David Bowie Cover)
  2. Prelude 3.0 (abridged; ''Death March'' video played in background)
  3. The Blister Exists
  4. The Dying Song (Time to Sing)
  5. Liberate
  6. Yen (stopped and restarted due to injury in crowd)
  7. Psychosocial
  8. The Devil in I
  9. The Heretic Anthem
  10. Wait and Bleed
  11. Unsainted
  12. Purity
  13. (515)
  14. People = Shit
  15. Surfacing
  16. Duality
  17. Spit It Out
  18. 'Til We Die
  1. Rise Up
  2. The New Order
  3. The Pale King
  4. Children of the Next Level
  5. More Than Meets the Eye
  6. The Haunting
  7. Practice What You Preach
  8. Over the Wall
  9. Into the Pit