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Fri, May 24, 2024

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Aug 10
Deicide, Obituary at Flugplatz Obermehler in Schlotheim, Thuringia, Germany
Deicide EU Summer Tour 2023
NOTE: Maybe incomplete
Legion set
  1. Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon
  2. Dead but Dreaming
  3. Repent to Die
  4. Trifixion
  5. Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)
  6. Holy Deception
  7. In Hell I Burn
  8. Revocate the Agitator
  1. Once Upon the Cross
  2. When Satan Rules His World
  3. They Are the Children of the Underworld
  4. Scars of the Crucifix
  5. Dead by Dawn
  6. Homage for Satan
Obituary Barely Alive in Europe & UK 2023
  1. Redneck Stomp
  2. Sentence Day
  3. A Lesson in Vengeance
  4. Visions in My Head
  5. The Wrong Time
  6. Barely Alive
  7. Slow Death
  8. Find the Arise
  9. Weaponize the Hate
  10. My Will to Live
  11. Chopped in Half / Turned Inside Out
  1. War (Ken played intro of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana after breakdown)
  2. Dying of Everything
  3. I'm in Pain
  4. Slowly We Rot