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Sat, Apr 20, 2024

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May 27
Marillion at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, England, UK
Marillion Marillion Weekend 2023
  1. Be Hard On Yourself (I) The Tear in the Big Picture
  2. Be Hard On Yourself (II) Lust for Luxury
  3. Be Hard On Yourself (III) You Can Learn
  4. Only a Kiss
  5. Murder Machines
  6. Reprogram the Gene (I) Invincible
  7. Reprogram the Gene (II) Trouble-Free Life
  8. Reprogram the Gene (III) A Cure for Us?
  9. Fantastic Place
  10. Map of the World (with audiences waving flags from their home countries)
  11. On the Road Again (only as a Jam) (Canned Heat Cover)
  12. The Fruit of the Wild Rose
  13. No One Can
  14. Afraid of Sunlight
  15. White Paper
  16. Afraid of Sunrise
  17. Warm Wet Circles
  18. That Time of the Night (The Short Straw)
  19. Estonia
  1. Care (I) Maintenance Drugs
  2. Care (II) An Hour Before It's Dark
  3. Care (III) Every Cell
  4. Care (IV) Angels on Earth
Encore 2
  1. Three Minute Boy