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Fri, Dec 1, 2023

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May 20
Melvins, Mr. Bungle at Showbox in Seattle, WA, USA
Melvins Geek Show 2023
  1. Take On Me (a‐ha Cover)
  2. Snake Appeal
  3. Zodiac
  4. Copache
  5. I Want to Hold Your Hand (The Beatles Cover)
  6. Hammering
  7. Never Say You're Sorry
  8. Evil New War God
  9. Let It All Be
  10. Honey Bucket
  11. Revolve
  12. Night Goat (and Sarah Quintero, Spotlight’s bassist, 3 bass players on this song) (with Trevor Dunn)
Mr. Bungle Geek Show 2023
  1. Welcome Back (John Sebastian Cover)
  2. Bungle Grind
  3. Eracist
  4. Spreading the Thighs of Death
  5. Loss for Words (Corrosion of Conformity Cover)
  6. Hypocrites / Habla español o muere
  7. Anarchy Up Your Anus
  8. Methematics (Seinfeld theme tease intro)
  9. Hell Awaits (intro) (Slayer Cover)
  10. True (>) (Spandau Ballet Cover)
  11. Cold War (>) (Siege Cover)
  12. True (outro snippet) (Spandau Ballet Cover)
  13. Raping Your Mind
  14. World Up My Ass (with Michael Crain) (Circle Jerks Cover)
  15. Sudden Death (Another Seinfeld tease by Trevor)
  1. Loss of Control (With Tora! Tora! Intro) (Van Halen Cover)
  2. My Ass Is on Fire (with PEP tag)