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Fri, May 24, 2024

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Apr 28
Mumford & Sons, Third Eye Blind at Lunar Stage in Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Mumford & Sons Summer Tour ‘23
NOTE: With Matt Menefee on banjo and resonater guitar, Chris Maas on drums; Stewart Cole, Dave Nelson, Kyle Resnick on trumpets and trombone. First public headline set as a trio, and since pandemic restrictions began in 2020.
  1. Babel
  2. Little Lion Man
  3. The Cave
  4. Lover of the Light (Marcus on drums)
  5. Awake My Soul
  6. Believe (with Celisse Henderson)
  7. Ditmas (Marcus down to the barrier) (with Celisse Henderson)
  8. Guiding Light
  9. Delta
  10. The Wolf (with Celisse Henderson)
  11. I Will Wait
Third Eye Blind
NOTE: Sound issues caused all sets on the stage to start late. During the set, the band visibly having issues with their in-ear monitors.
  1. Thanks a Lot
  2. Dust Storm (Shortened due to sound problems)
  3. The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down)
  4. Never Let You Go
  5. Graduate
  6. Mine (Beyoncé Cover)
  7. Losing a Whole Year
  8. Motorcycle Drive By
  9. Jumper
  10. Semi-Charmed Life