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Sat, Dec 2, 2023

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Mar 26
In Flames, Megadeth, Parkway Drive, Slipknot, Trivium at Brisbane Showgrounds in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
In Flames Foregone
  1. The Beginning of All Things That Will End
  2. The Great Deceiver
  3. Cloud Connected
  4. Behind Space
  5. Only for the Weak
  6. Foregone Pt. 1
  7. State of Slow Decay
  8. I Am Above
  9. Take This Life
Megadeth The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!
  1. Hangar 18
  2. Dread and the Fugitive Mind
  3. Angry Again
  4. Sweating Bullets
  5. Tornado of Souls
  6. Symphony of Destruction
  7. We'll Be Back
  8. Peace Sells
  9. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Parkway Drive
NOTE: Shorter set than Melbourne and Sydney due to Winston blowing out his voice early in the set.
  1. Glitch
  2. Prey
  3. Carrion
  4. The Void
  5. Soul Bleach (Winston’s voice blew out)
  6. Vice Grip
  7. Dedicated (Winston changed the lyrics from "12 years" to "20 years" to commemorate the bands 20th anniversary.)
  8. Karma
  9. Bottom Feeder
  1. Crushed (Violin intro)
  2. Wild Eyes
Slipknot The End, So Far
  1. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (AC/DC Cover)
  2. Get Behind Me Satan and Push (Billie Jo Spears Cover)
  3. Disasterpiece
  4. Wait and Bleed
  5. All Out Life
  6. Sulfur
  7. Before I Forget
  8. The Dying Song (Time to Sing)
  9. Dead Memories
  10. Unsainted
  11. The Heretic Anthem
  12. Psychosocial (Set was briefly paused before this song due to a fan climbing one of the speaker towers)
  13. Duality
  14. Custer
  15. Spit It Out
  1. (515)
  2. People = Shit
  3. Surfacing
  4. 'Til We Die
Trivium Deadmen and Dragons
  1. The End of Everything
  2. Rain
  3. Amongst the Shadows & the Stones
  4. Strife
  5. Feast of Fire
  6. Down From the Sky
  7. The Heart From Your Hate
  8. Capsizing the Sea
  9. In Waves
  10. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr