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Fri, Sep 22, 2023

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Feb 14
Alter Bridge at The Fillmore Detroit in Detroit, MI, USA
Alter Bridge Pawns & Kings
  1. Silver Tongue
  2. Addicted to Pain
  3. Ghost of Days Gone By
  4. Broken Wings
  5. Holiday (with false start due to Myles not turning up his guitar volume.)
  6. Burn It Down (Mark Tremonti on lead vocals)
  7. Cry of Achilles
  8. Watch Over You (Myles solo acoustic)
  9. In Loving Memory (Myles and Mark acoustic)
  10. Blackbird (with Beatles intro. Dedicated to the victims of MSU shooting.)
  11. Pawns & Kings
  12. Waters Rising
  13. Isolation
  14. Metalingus
  1. Rise Today
  2. Open Your Eyes