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Thu, Mar 30, 2023

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Jan 23
Muse at Foro Sol in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Muse Will of the People World Tour
  1. Intro: Chant
  2. Will of the People
  3. Interlude
  4. Hysteria (Rage Against The Machine's 'Know Your Enemy' riff outro)
  5. [Drill Sergeant]
  6. Psycho ('Execution Commentary' riff outro)
  7. Map of the Problematique (Slipknot's 'Duality' riff outro)
  8. Won't Stand Down
  9. Citizen Erased (Tour debut)
  10. The Gallery
  11. Compliance
  12. Interstitial 'Parkour'
  13. Time Is Running Out
  14. New Born (Rage Against the Machine's 'Calm Like a Bomb' riff outro)
  15. Madness
  16. We Are Fucking Fucked
  17. Supermassive Black Hole (The Jimi Hendrix Experience's 'Foxey Lady' riff outro)
  18. Interstitial 'Driving'
  19. Plug In Baby
  20. Behold, the Glove (Matt Bellamy Cover)
  21. Uprising
  22. Prelude
  23. Starlight
  1. Kill or Be Killed
  2. Knights of Cydonia (Ennio Morricone's "Man With a Harmonica" intro)