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Mon, Apr 15, 2024

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Dec 27
Big Sugar at Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Big Sugar
  1. Where I Stand
  2. Better Get Used to It
  3. Turn the Lights On
  4. Let Me Roll It (Wings Cover)
  5. Hammer in My Hand
  6. 100 Cigarettes
  7. Je suis cool (asteur) (Gilles Valiquette Cover)
  8. Heart Refuse to Pound (For Alex)
  1. Cop a Plea
  2. Girl Watcher
  3. Kickin' Stones
  4. Let It Ride (Bachman–Turner Overdrive Cover)
  5. Round and Round
  6. The Scene
Encore 2
  1. All Hell for a Basement
  2. Eternity Now
  3. Diggin' a Hole
  4. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Traffic Cover)
  5. If I Had My Way
  6. Red Rover
  7. Little Bit a All Right/Calling All the Youth
  8. Natty Dread Rock/Roads Ahead
  9. Nicotina (She's All That)
  10. I'm a Ram (Al Green Cover)
  11. Ride Like Hell
Encore 3
  1. Winsome (Half Pint Cover)
  2. Baby's in Black (The Beatles Cover)
  3. Joe Louis