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Tue, Jun 18, 2024

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Nov 25
Wolf Alice at Fabrique in Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Wolf Alice European Tour 2022
NOTE: Last concert of the Blue Weekend tour
  1. Blue Weekend (Karl Denver Cover)
  2. Smile
  3. You're a Germ
  4. Formidable Cool
  5. Delicious Things
  6. Lipstick on the Glass
  7. Space & Time
  8. Planet Hunter
  9. Bros
  10. Safe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall in Love)
  11. How Can I Make It OK?
  12. Play the Greatest Hits
  13. Silk
  14. Feeling Myself
  15. Lisbon
  16. Visions of a Life
  17. The Last Man on Earth
  18. Giant Peach
  1. Moaning Lisa Smile (No Hard Feelings was put as an alternative in this spot)
  2. Don't Delete the Kisses