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Tue, Jun 18, 2024

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Nov 4
Marillion at Tempodrom in Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Marillion An Hour Before It's Dark
An Hour Before It's Dark
  1. Be Hard On Yourself (I) The Tear in the Big Picture
  2. Be Hard On Yourself (II) Lust for Luxury
  3. Be Hard On Yourself (III) You Can Learn
  4. Reprogram the Gene (I) Invincible
  5. Reprogram the Gene (II) Trouble-Free Life
  6. Reprogram the Gene (III) A Cure for Us? (Pete's ear monitors didn't worked at the end)
  7. Wheels on the Bus (played by Steve Hogarth as snippet to fill the time for fixing the technical problem.) (Blippi Cover)
  8. Only a Kiss
  9. Murder Machines
  10. The Crow and the Nightingale (Dedicated to Leonard Cohen)
  11. Sierra Leone (I) Chance in a Million
  12. Sierra Leone (II) The White Sand
  13. Sierra Leone (III) The Diamond
  14. Sierra Leone (IV) The Blue Warm Air
  15. Sierra Leone (V) More Than Treasure
  16. Care (I) Maintenance Drugs
  17. Care (II) An Hour Before It's Dark
  18. Care (III) Every Cell
  19. Care (IV) Angels on Earth
  1. Quartz
  2. Wave
  3. Mad
  4. Afraid of Sunlight
  5. The Great Escape
  1. Estonia
  2. Berlin (Tour debut)
Encore 2
  1. Sugar Mice