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Sun, Apr 14, 2024

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Sep 23
New Found Glory, Shadows Fall at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL, USA
New Found Glory Sticks and Stones 20th Anniversary
NOTE: With Martin Stewart from Terror and Will Levy from The Story So Far replacing Chad Gilbert on guitar
  1. Understatement
  2. At Least I'm Known for Something
  3. Better Off Dead
  4. All Downhill From Here
  5. Something I Call Personality
  6. Selfless
  7. Greatest of All Time
  8. Truth of My Youth
  9. No Reason Why (Gorilla Biscuits Cover)
  10. Hit or Miss
  11. Truck Stop Blues
  12. The Glory of Love (David Foster Cover)
  13. Ballad for the Lost Romantics
  14. Intro
  15. My Friends Over You
Shadows Fall
  1. Thoughts Without Words
  2. Destroyer of Senses
  3. Of One Blood
  4. Still I Rise
  5. Fire From the Sky
  6. Enlightened by the Cold
  7. The Light That Blinds
  8. Stepping Outside the Circle
  9. The Path to Imminent Ruin
  10. My Demise
  11. Inspiration on Demand
  12. What Drives the Weak
  13. Fleshold
  14. The Power of I and I