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Fri, Dec 2, 2022

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Sep 17
Clutch, Helmet at Hammerjacks in Baltimore, MD, USA
Clutch North American Tour ’22
NOTE: Livestream - Sunrise on Slaughter Beach release show. The album was supposed to be played in its entirety, but something went wrong and Mercy Brown was not played, being the only absent track from the album. The Elephants Riders was played instead.
  1. We Need Some Money (Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers Cover)
  2. Impetus
  3. X-Ray Visions
  4. Firebirds!
  5. Slaughter Beach
  6. We Strive for Excellence
  7. Rats
  8. Mice and Gods
  9. Mountain of Bone (Live debut)
  10. Skeletons on Mars (Neil on theremin)
  11. Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks
  12. Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)
  13. Nosferatu Madre
  14. Escape From the Prison Planet
  15. Jackhammer Our Names (Live debut)
  16. Three Golden Horns (Live debut)
  17. A Shogun Named Marcus
  18. Cypress Grove
  1. The Elephant Riders
  2. In Walks Barbarella (with Mike Dillon on percussion)
  3. D.C. Sound Attack! (Neil on harmonica, Mike Dillon on percussion)
  1. Role Model
  2. Wilma's Rainbow
  3. See You Dead
  4. Ironhead
  5. FBLA
  6. Birth Defect
  7. Welcome to Algiers
  8. Renovation
  9. Harmless
  10. Tic
  11. Milquetoast