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Sat, May 18, 2024

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Aug 27
Bauhaus, Iggy Pop at Vilar de Mouros in Caminha, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  1. Rosegarden Funeral of Sores (John Cale Cover)
  2. Double Dare
  3. In the Flat Field
  4. A God in an Alcove
  5. In Fear of Fear
  6. Spy in the Cab
  7. She's in Parties
  8. Kick in the Eye
  9. Bela Lugosi's Dead
  10. Silent Hedges
  11. The Passion of Lovers
  12. Stigmata Martyr
  13. Dark Entries
  1. Sister Midnight (Iggy Pop Cover)
  2. Adrenalin
  3. Telegram Sam (T. Rex Cover)
  4. Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie Cover)
Iggy Pop
  1. Rune (with Sarah Lipstate) (Noveller Cover)
  2. Five Foot One
  3. T.V. Eye (The Stooges Cover)
  4. I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges Cover)
  5. The Endless Sea
  6. Lust for Life
  7. The Passenger
  8. Death Trip (Iggy and The Stooges Cover)
  9. Fun House (The Stooges Cover)
  10. Mass Production
  11. Free
  12. Gimme Danger (Iggy and The Stooges Cover)
  13. I'm Sick of You (Iggy and The Stooges Cover)
  14. Down on the Street (The Stooges Cover)
  15. Search and Destroy (Iggy and The Stooges Cover)