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Thu, Dec 1, 2022

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Aug 21
Blue Öyster Cult at Borealis Theatre in Palmer, AK, USA
Blue Öyster Cult 50th Anniversary
  1. Stairway to the Stars
  2. Before the Kiss, a Redcap
  3. Golden Age of Leather
  4. That Was Me
  5. Burnin' for You
  6. Harvest Moon
  7. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
  8. Train True (Lennie's Song)
  9. Tainted Blood
  10. Then Came the Last Days of May
  11. Godzilla
  12. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  1. Harvester of Eyes
  2. Hot Rails to Hell
  3. Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll