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Sat, Dec 9, 2023

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Aug 11
Elvis Costello & The Imposters at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York, NY, USA
Elvis Costello & The Impo... The Boy Named If & Other Favourites
  1. Surrender to the Rhythm (Rusty's version) (Brinsley Schwarz Cover)
  2. Accidents Will Happen (Elvis Costello & The Attractions Cover)
  3. Green Shirt (Elvis Costello & The Attractions Cover)
  4. Either Side of the Same Town
  5. Hetty O'Hara Confidential (Elvis Costello Cover)
  6. Mystery Dance (Elvis Costello Cover)
  7. Watching the Detectives (includes "Invisible Lady") (Elvis Costello Cover)
  8. You Belong to Me (with Nicole Atkins) (Elvis Costello & The Attractions Cover)
  9. My Most Beautiful Mistake (with Nicole Atkins)
  10. Still Too Soon to Know (with Nicole Atkins) (Elvis Costello Cover)
  11. Penelope Halfpenny
  12. What if I Can't Give You Anything but Love?
  13. I'm Ahead If I Can Quit While I'm Behind (With Allan Mayes - RUSTY) (Brinsley Schwarz Cover)
  14. Surrender to the Rhythm (With Allan Mayes - RUSTY) (Brinsley Schwarz Cover)
  15. Indoor Fireworks (with Nick Lowe) (Elvis Costello Cover)
  16. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (with Nick Lowe) (Brinsley Schwarz Cover)
  17. (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea (With “Happy Birthday to You” for Charlie Sexton, and “All Right Now.”) (Elvis Costello & The Attractions Cover)
  18. Magnificent Hurt
  19. Pump It Up (Elvis Costello Cover)
  20. Alison (Elvis Costello Cover)