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Tue, Dec 5, 2023

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Jul 25
Spoon at Capital Ballroom in Victoria, BC, Canada
Spoon Lucifer on the Sofa
  1. Held (Smog Cover)
  2. Feels Alright
  3. I Turn My Camera On
  4. The Hardest Cut
  5. The Beast and Dragon, Adored
  6. The Underdog
  7. My Babe
  8. I Summon You
  9. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
  10. Lucifer on the Sofa
  11. My Mathematical Mind
  12. Do I Have to Talk You Into It
  13. Inside Out
  14. Don't You Ever (The Natural History Cover)
  15. Do You
  16. Wild
  1. The Way We Get By
  2. Got Nuffin
  3. Rent I Pay