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Thu, Dec 1, 2022

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Jul 23
Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons at CHI Health Center Omaha in Omaha, NE, USA
Greta Van Fleet Dreams in Gold Tour 2022
  1. Built by Nations
  2. Black Smoke Rising
  3. Safari Song
  4. Drum Solo
  5. Caravel
  6. Heat Above
  7. Light My Love
  8. Broken Bells
  9. The Weight of Dreams
  1. Age of Man
  2. Highway Tune
  3. I Got Mine (part of a lengthy jam during 'Highway Tune') (The Black Keys Cover)
  4. That's All Right (part of a lengthy jam during 'Highway Tune') (Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup Cover)
  5. My Way, Soon
Rival Sons Dreams in Gold
  1. Electric Man
  2. Too Bad
  3. Do Your Worst
  4. Face of Light
  5. Shooting Stars (Jay only, solo acoustic)
  6. Torture
  7. Nobody Wants to Die