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Sat, Sep 23, 2023

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Jun 21
Primus at Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Primus A Tribute to Kings
  1. Clown Dream (Danny Elfman Cover)
Set 1:
  1. American Life (with Star Spangled Banner intro on bass)
  2. The Toys Go Winding Down
  3. The Antipop
  4. Conspiranoia
  5. Jilly's on Smack
  6. Welcome to This World (>)
  7. Mrs. Blaileen
  8. The Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles, Part 3)
  9. The Man With The Iron Balls (Intermission)
Set 2 (A Farewell to Kings):
  1. A Farewell to Kings (Rush Cover)
  2. Xanadu (Rush Cover)
  3. Closer to the Heart (Rush Cover)
  4. Cinderella Man (Rush Cover)
  5. Madrigal (Rush Cover)
  6. Cygnus X-1 (Rush Cover)
  1. Southbound Pachyderm
  2. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver