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Thu, Dec 1, 2022

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Jun 7
Blackfoot, The Marshall Tucker Band at Morgan Square in Spartanburg, SC, USA
  1. Train, Train (technical problems)
  2. Baby Blue
  3. Road Fever (followed by band introductions)
  4. I Got a Line on You (Spirit Cover)
  5. Fox Chase
  6. Left Turn on a Red Light
  7. Train, Train (played again to make up for technical problems at the beginning of the show)
  8. Wishing Well (Free Cover)
  9. Every Man Should Know (Queenie)
  10. The Star-Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith & Francis Scott Key Cover)
  11. Highway Song
The Marshall Tucker Band 50th Anniversary
  1. Long Hard Ride
  2. This Ol' Cowboy
  3. Dog Eat Dog World (Chris Hicks Cover)
  4. Fire on the Mountain
  5. Flute Solo
  6. Take the Highway (with drum solo)
  7. Heard It in a Love Song
  8. Intro (Doug sang something country a capella.)
  9. Desert Skies
  10. Ramblin'
  11. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky
  12. Can't You See
  13. Georgia Moon (Chris Hicks Cover)
  14. I'll Be Loving You