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Fri, Aug 19, 2022

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Jun 4
Manowar at Jovel Music Hall in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Manowar Crushing the Enemies of Metal Anniversary Tour '22/'23
NOTE: Warm-up show billed as The Lords of Steel - The Music of Manowar
  1. March of the Heroes Into Valhalla
  2. Manowar
  3. Dark Avenger
  4. Defender
  5. Gates of Valhalla
  6. Sword of the Highlands (Live debut)
  7. The Dawn of Battle
  8. Holy War
  9. Kill With Power
  10. Call to Arms
  11. Fight Until We Die (Live debut)
  12. Kings of Metal
  13. Blood of My Enemies
  14. King of Kings
  15. Sign of the Hammer
  16. Hail and Kill (At the end of the song, Joey commemorates the fantasy artist Ken Kelly)
  17. The Glory of Achilles
  1. Warriors of the World United
  2. Battle Hymn
  3. Black Wind, Fire and Steel
  4. Army of the Dead, Part II