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Sun, Aug 7, 2022

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May 10
Morrissey at Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, USA
  1. We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful (first performance since 1992)
  2. Disappointed (first performance since 2014)
  3. Knockabout World
  4. Once I Saw the River Clean
  5. Never Had No One Ever (The Smiths Cover)
  6. Alma Matters
  7. Little Man, What Now? (first performance since 2004)
  8. Everyday Is Like Sunday
  9. I Am Veronica (live premiere)
  10. Half a Person (The Smiths Cover)
  11. The Loop
  12. I Know It's Over (first performance since 2013) (The Smiths Cover)
  13. Suedehead
  14. Have-A-Go Merchant (first performance since 2016)
  15. Irish Blood, English Heart
  16. Rubber Ring (first performance since 2004) (The Smiths Cover)
  17. First of the Gang to Die
  18. Jack the Ripper
  1. Sweet and Tender Hooligan (first performance since 2013) (The Smiths Cover)