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Sun, Aug 14, 2022

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May 5
Geoff Tate at Eleven in Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK
Geoff Tate Empire 30th Anniversary Tour with Rage for Order
NOTE: Didn't complete 'Empire' album. Walked off with barely a goodbye after last song. no encore.
Rage for Order
  1. Walk in the Shadows (Queensrÿche Cover)
  2. I Dream in Infrared (Queensrÿche Cover)
  3. The Whisper (Queensrÿche Cover)
  4. Gonna Get Close to You (Dalbello Cover)
  5. The Killing Words (Queensrÿche Cover)
  6. Surgical Strike (Queensrÿche Cover)
  7. Neue Regel (Queensrÿche Cover)
  8. Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion) (Queensrÿche Cover)
  9. London (Queensrÿche Cover)
  10. Screaming in Digital (Queensrÿche Cover)
  11. I Will Remember (Queensrÿche Cover)
  1. Best I Can (Queensrÿche Cover)
  2. The Thin Line (Queensrÿche Cover)
  3. Jet City Woman (Queensrÿche Cover)
  4. Della Brown (Queensrÿche Cover)
  5. Another Rainy Night (Without You) (Queensrÿche Cover)
  6. Empire (Queensrÿche Cover)
  7. Resistance (Queensrÿche Cover)
  8. Silent Lucidity (Queensrÿche Cover)
  9. Anybody Listening? (Queensrÿche Cover)