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Fri, Dec 2, 2022

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Apr 9
DragonForce at Arizona Pete's in Greensboro, NC, USA
DragonForce Extreme Power Metal
  1. Point of Origin (Yanni Cover)
  2. Highway to Oblivion
  3. Fury of the Storm
  4. The Last Dragonborn
  5. Ashes of the Dawn
  6. Video Game Commercial
  7. Heart Demolition
  8. Dracula's Castle / Fight On!
  9. Banjo Solo / Guitar Solo (with Heinrich Yoshio of Aether Realm and Christian Douscha of touring mates Visions of Atlantis)
  10. Black Fire
  11. Cry Thunder
  12. Remembrance Day
  13. Valley of the Damned
  1. My Heart Will Go On (CĂ©line Dion Cover)
  2. Through the Fire and Flames